Best Spine Surgeon in Gurgaon : Dr Arun Saroha (2023)

Best Spine Surgeon in Gurgaon : Dr Arun Saroha (2)

Best Spine Surgeon in Gurgaon : Dr Arun Saroha (3)

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Best Spine Surgeon in Gurgaon : Dr Arun Saroha (4)

Brain Aneurysm

Brain aneurysm repair is a surgery that is basically accustomed to repair aneurysm. This is a weak space within the blood vessels which causes the blood vessels to explode or burst out many times.

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Best Spine Surgeon in Gurgaon : Dr Arun Saroha (5)


Depending on the reasons for Spondylosis and the intensity of injury the doctor would begin with medication followed by low-intensity physical therapy and adequate rest.

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Cervical Spine Surgery

The cervical spine is a delicate structure surrounding the spinal cord that sends messages from the brain to manage all aspects of the body - while also remarkably versatile, allowing movement in all directions, and strong.

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Spinal Stenosis Surgery

There are several non-surgical spinal stenosis treatment choices and exercises but doctors may suggest surgery to create more space for nerves or the spinal cord.

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Scoliosis Treatment

it is a medical condition caused due to the abnormal curvature of the spinal cord. It happens mostly during the growth period just before puberty.

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Cerebrovascular malformation

A cerebrovascular malformation is associated with abnormal blood vessel formation in the brain.

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Dr. Arun Saroha is one of the best spine surgeon in Gurgaon, specializing in brain and spinal surgery. Dr. Saroha worked as a Senior Neurosurgeon in prestigious hospitals such as VIMHANS, Paras, and Artemis before joining Max Hospital as Director and Head of Neurosurgery. He has done many successful complex spine surgeries.

Professional Training Activities:

World Federation of Neurological Society (WFNS) Course
AO Principle Course
AO Advanced Course
AO Masters. Course
AO Tips for Trainers
AO Advanced Course - Davos
Synthes Skeletal workshops

Best Spine Surgeon in Gurgaon : Dr Arun Saroha (10)

Frequently Asked Questions

He is the best effective spine surgeon who ensures best patient care and glorious outcomes, and uses new approaches and techniques and has experience in standard approaches and techniques.

Dr. Arun Saroha provides the best surgical guidance and opinions. And suggest the most effective choices available in case of other treatment modalities, if surgery is not required.

Scoliosis is the sideway curvature of the spine. The treatment depends on severity and may require bone affixation and fusion.
Dr. Arun Saroha provides traditional as well as minimal invasive techniques for surgery. He is the best for scoliosis.


The spine surgeon in Gurgaon helped me to recover from a sleep disc in 3 months with a series of physiotherapy exercises and hot and cold therapy. I would now always recommend the name of Dr. Arun Saroha who wants to recover quickly from a sleep disc without any pain.


I injured my spine in a major car accident and Dr.Arun Saroha healed my spine through laparoscopy surgery. Now after my surgery with him I am able to drive again and walk thanks to the best spine surgeon in Gurgaon.


Dr. Arun Saroha saved my life once I suffered from cervical pathology . He’s Kind, soft-spoken,and a gentleman. He gave me apt surgical opinions, and when surgery is not needed, he never fooled me for cash.He gave me a new life with his fine surgery. I will forever be grateful. Many thanks doctor. He is the best spine surgeon in Gurgaon.


My mother was suffering from severe pain in her legs. After taking the prescribed medicines, she is relieved from the pain. All thanks to Dr. Arun. He is the spine surgeon in Gurgaon. He has always been caring and informative. He has always directed me in the proper direction.


My experience with Dr. Saroha has always been excellent. He is friendly and interacts well with his patients and attendants. He understandably explains the issues. Whenever we call him in an emergency, he is always available to extend all the help he can. I would surely recommend Dr. Saroha to my friends and relatives. He is the best spine surgeon in Gurgaon.


The best spine surgeon in Gurgaon is Dr. Arun, no doubt. He gave me sufficient time and carried out a clinical test of my problem. He explained in detail why I was getting bad headaches. It is because of my neck muscles, which are under spasm. He suggested medication, and I am sure that the pain should subside soon. He is treating me step by step very patiently. I am so much satisfied with his way. He is the best.

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Dr. Arun Saroha is the best spine surgeon in Gurgaon. I am glad I chose him and he is truly fabulous and trustworthy for the neurological and spine issues. He is the best when it comes to spinal disorders. Thank you for providing me the best care and treatment doctor.


I suffered from spondylosis many years back. The doctor explained to me about Spondylosis and also the treatment modalities. He asked me to use a home traction set up initially but that gave temporary relief. Then he started my injections which were quite effective.He has permanent cure for all types of spine disorder. He is the best spine surgeon in Gurgaon. Because of his detailed explanations now I understand the nature of these disorders, as well as the benefits, risks, and complications of available treatments. Thank you Doctor.


I had a severe spine injury and I consulted doctor Saroha a few months back. He is the best spine surgeon in Gurgaon. His treatments are super effective. He has the latest equipment and methods for the problems. I recommend him for all Kinds of spinal issues. Thanks doctor.


Thankyou Dr. Saroha for the most effective care you have given me in the past few months . The doctor is extraordinarily skilled and has twenty years of expertise. He and his team helped me to get a healthy life. . Spinal stenosis is basically narrowing of the spinal canal. Because of narrowing there is pressure on the spinal cord and the nerves within the spine. Initially Dr Saroha provided me with physical therapy but it was short lived relief. Then he performed surgery and the problem was cured. I got a permanent solution for my spinal stenosis. I highly recommend him for any kind of spine issues. Thank you doctor.


We almost lost our father. He had spine injury. We lost all hopes. His pain was increasing day bye day. We visited Dr. Arun Saroha's hospital. Dr.Arun Saroha is best spine surgeon in gurgaon. The doctor has best skils. His treatment is effective. My father recoverd soon. We were so happy. I recommended all for any spine injury. Thank you.

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Free Medical Consultation

We provide a free medical consultation for our patients. We have the team of the best spine surgeon in Gurgaon. Once you submit the request, our office will contact you within one business day to schedule your appointment.

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  • Explain your health concerns.
  • A Specialist will answer your questions.
  • Review your case documents.
  • Follow up your medical condition.
  • Check your surgery result.

Request a free consultation with the best spine surgeon in Gurgaon.


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